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Infant Iodine Supplementation Study

The scientific background and provenance of this trial is described elsewhere in this web site. The trial is being run in collaboration with the Clinical Trials Unit at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford; Director Professor Peter Brocklehurst.

All trial documentation is available as a hard copy from the I2S2 trial administrator based in Oxford: Kayleigh Morgan (address labels for Kayleigh are in your trial documentation box) or you can download forms at

Cough Mixtures and Vitamins with Iodine

Evidence from past research suggested that iodine was added to some cough mixture remedies, however we have found no evidence of this from our current research. This table contains a list of cough mixtures none of which contain iodine in their list of ingredients. We have also compiled a list of vitamins and supplements, some of which do contain iodine, although well below the recomended maximum daily dose of 1100 micrograms, and RDA of 220 micrograms for pregnant women. These tables will be continually updated.

Sunless Tanning Products and Iodine  

After a query from one of our hospitals about iodine content in sunless tanning products we have discovered only one product that contains iodine, please see attached list - Iodine in Tanning Products.

 Recruitment to I2S2

We recruited our first infant to I2S2 on March 10th 2010!
Twenty one hospitals are recruiting infants to the trial.  The chart below records the numbers of infants recruited so far.  We will try to update this chart weekly.

I2S2 recruitment: I2S2 has recruited 1,275 infants  (last updated 08th January 2013).

I2S2 Table